“A Day in the Life” Nashville/Magdeburg – May 13, 2023

Tonight, I attended an artists’ reception for the opening of a new photographic exhibition at The Hotel Preston in Nashville. The show is called “A Day in the Life” – Nashville/Magdeburg.”

Last year, on Saturday, May 13, 2023, photographers in Nashville, Tennessee, and Magdeburg, Germany, fanned out to document a single day in the life of their respective cities. This exhibition presents 24 images from Nashville and 24 from Magdeburg captured that day. These 48 photographs have also been exhibited in Magdeburg.

Sister Cities of Nashville, which facilitated this cooperative art project, connects the people of Nashville to the people of the world, promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one person, one community, at a time.

The Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers (SNAP) is an association of local artists dedicated to promoting fine art photography in Nashville.
The Magdeburg Foto Stammtisch is a group of local photographers who meet monthly over dinner and drinks to share their passion for photography, develop their skills, and promote the art of imagery.

Magdeburg is located along the Elbe River in northern Germany, about 90 miles west of Berlin. Its importance extends from the Middle Ages through the Reformation to the present. Just east of the former inner-German border, Magdeburg is now the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. It has maintained a highly active partnership with Nashville for several years and became its official sister city in 2003.

These are 12 of the photographs that I took on May 13, 2023, for this project. Two of them, “2Pac at the Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore” and “There’s a Period Because It’s a Sentence,” were selected for inclusion in the show.

2pac at the Alkebu Lan Images Bookstore
Advice Corner, with Candles
Coloring Boots
Future Life Reading for a 17th Century Priest
Hugs at the Hoodoo Festival
Morning Rain at the Bicentennial Mall Carillon
So Wait...They Grill it and Then Fry it Ooh Wee
The al Farooq Youth Center has Moved to Thompson Lane sistercities 1
The School of the Arts Making for Shelter
There's a Period Because it's a Sentence
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