A Day Trip to Quedlinburg, Germany

Quedlinburg is located north of the Hartz Mountains in the State of Saxony-Anhalt in northern Germany. The city is known for its medieval half-timbered houses and Romanesque architecture.

I made a day trip to Quedlinburg in the Summer of 2023 during my trip to the nearby City of Magdeburg along with some new friends I had made through the Sister Cities “Day in the Life” joint photo project with the Magdeburg Photo Stammtisch.

1 dsc6232
2 dsc6220
3 dsc6242 gigapixel standard v2 2x
4 dsc6322
5 dsc6247
6 dsc6249
7 dsc6258 gigapixel standard scale 2 00x
8 dsc6264
9 dsc6275
10 dsc6291
11 dsc6292
12 dsc6311 bw
15 dsc6296
13 dsc6317 sharpenai focus
14 dsc6301