Voyage of Eulenspiegel

It was the Summer of Princess Diana’s wedding, Sandra Day O’Connor’s nomination to sit on the Supreme Court, “Bette Davis Eyes” and “Jessie’s Girl.” I met up with some college friends just outside Kansas City to build a 16’x24′ raft in a public park from assorted lumber, a telephone pole and twenty-four 55-gallon oil drums. Two weeks later, we launched the “Eulenspiegel,” and raft and crew of eight floated roughly 1,500 miles down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Two months later, we arrived in New Orleans.

Tom & Cleg Wrangling Plywood for the Deck
Evi & Rick Make Cut-Outs for Oarlocks
Rick & Cleg Negotiate a Tow through the Chain of Rocks Canal
Evi & Rick Onboard the Coast Guard Channel Marker Boat
Tom & Jeff Struggle with the Current
People on the River are Happy to Give
Eulenspiegel, Tied Up for the Night